RR Donnelley - Mattoon, Illinois

3/14/2014 6:24:30 AM


Key Responsibilities:

* Understand the correct sorting of mail.
* Correctly match shift bag tags/pallet flags with mail labels. Sequence mail to the run order to maintain schedules.
* Segregate pre-printed palletized mail flags for mail being run.
* Effectively lead work area in following the bindery run order, shipping instructions, AIT’s, and other pertinent information to meet established production schedules.
* Understand and read bindery break-ups and run orders, and make necessary adjustments of label-takes with the mailer to ensure proper sequence.
* Accurately complete J-stock requisitions and other reporting documents as necessary.
* Manually repair damaged labels, affix these to books and ensure books are sent on proper truck and pallet.
* Capably operate, trouble-shoot, and fix strappers, stackers, shrink wrapper, mailers, Little David Tape Machines, and other auxiliary work area equipment.
* Set the example and enforce (holding everyone accountable) the maintenance of a safe, clean, and orderly working environment.
* Maintain glue supply in pots, ink supply in printers, plastic strap supply in strappers, so as to be caught up with production output at all times.
* Relieve crewmembers, as appropriate, including Material Handlers and Line Operators.
* Safely and efficiently handle bindery waste, some of which is classified by the EPA as hazardous.
* Assist in the development of employees assigned to work area.

Required Skills

Minimum Requirements:

* Must be capable of adapting to a constantly changing work situation and assuming personal responsibility for own actions.
* Must be willing to abide by department and division practices and standards (including shift rotation).
* Must be able to stand up to 11.5 hours with periodic breaks.
* Must be able to repetitively lift 30 pounds and occasionally 75 pounds.
* Must be capable of working effectively as a member of a team.
* Must currently have Proficient or better job performance and be in good standing.
* Must have acceptable attendance of 4.5 occurrences or less during the entire selection process.
* Must be able and willing to work the average overtime hours for the position.
* Must be capable of performing the Key Responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodations.

Preferred Qualifications:

Prior mechanical experience. Prior leadership experience. Demonstrated ability to work safely. Prior bindery experience.

Employee Referral Bonus eligible: No

Mattoon, Illinois

Mattoon, IL

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