Jobs in Plainfield, IN - RR Donnelley

Hoist Operator
RR Donnelley  - Plainfield, IN

May load and unload semi trailer trucks. Maintain accurate inventory and report any discrepancies. May load or unload materials onto or off of pallets, skids, or lifting device. Perform safety checks on lifts. May lubricate truck, recharge batteries, fill fuel tank, or replace liquefied-gas tank. Responsible for inventory control, tracking and reporting inventory utilizing a ...
Account Coordinator
RR Donnelley  - Plainfield, IN
Customer Service
2. Develop and maintain a complete understanding of the customer’s products and operations so as to fully appreciate service level requirements and additional value added opportunities. 3. Develop and maintain up to date knowledge on all aspects of the RRD sites operations and procedures so as to prevent problems arising and to advise on any area which may concern the customer. 4. Ensure th ...
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