RE Associate 1 (Document Management)

RR Donnelley - Atlanta, Georgia

4/1/2013 8:59:56 AM


Create and perform automated scripts for electronic file organization. Perform database management for web based document repository. Knowledge of document types associated with residential and commercial loan files to complete indexing, loan scrubs, document exceptions and client deliverables. Provide project management.


* Create and run automated scripts to format electronic documents, loan number conversions, directory creation, file and folder moves for loan security organization.
* Perform extensive use of excel formulas for scripting, loan id compares, loan list creation, and automated moves for loan organization.
* Review and ascertain a knowledge base of all documents within a residential and commercial loan file to complete the indexing and/or loan scrub process.
* Complete quality control on loan files providing feedback and corrections.
* Perform project set up tasks such as a Google document creation for loan tracking and assignments, FTP, external drive or external client website document transfer, determine staffing to meet project deadlines, and provide a quality control process.
* Provide data base management; create new user accounts, provide existing user account maintenance, new site set up, folder mapping, client support, and the ability to trouble shoot issues.
* Use preprioritory systems for file formatting and organization.
* Provide client deliverable utilizing external media, SFTP sites, websites, and associated encryption processes. Understand and meet our SAS70 II requirements throughout all areas of the project.
* Ability to run processes on a remote server with knowledge and understanding of the differences of working on a computer in comparison to a server.


Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia

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